Wow I just realized that I was staring at my ceiling light for like 5 minutes and now my eyes hurt. I’m super high also

Hope to see you at mccomas ;)

Oh 😯

I want to catch you in a locker room after a hard work out and lick and sniff your pits, then shove your face into my sweaty, used jockstrap.

Oh my god…. This is pretty crazy but the craziest part is how you think I workout and/or use a locker room.

I wanna smell yer dong.

Whoa there now

Idk about you guys but it really bothers me when gay people (in my experience usually gay guys) claim that they’re married when they aren’t married legally. Like it made sense for gay couples to say that when gay marriage wasn’t even thought of as a possibility, but now I take it as somewhat of an offense when I hear a guy say “I’m married. Me and my man have been together 5 years”
I guess because it’s actually possible to get legally married now in many places it’s insulting that they try to claim that without making it real. To me, it makes it easier for opponents of marriage equality to say “why should we let them get legally married when they’re happy with what they have and call themselves married anyway?”
It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and especially recently with Virginia’s ruling against bans of gay marriages.
Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I’d like to hear what you guys all think about it.